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New Years Resolutio...
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New Years Resolutions?  


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01/01/2018 8:32 pm  

Every year I write down goals I have for the up coming year. I set intentions to do better than the year before in fitness, nutrition, finances or whatever area feels like it needs attention in my life. 

Resolutions are tricky because oftentimes we think we need to be perfect. Of course we know nobody is or can be perfect all the time. Consistency over the entire year regarding fitness or finances is the key. It helps to write down your intentions and maybe jot under each one what actions it will take to achieve these goals. Try to make specific goals. Example: Instead of "I want to lose weight" Say "I will make it to the gym 1 or two times per week, or in the month of January I will go to the gym at least 6 times.

Wondering if anyone is making resolutions this year and if so what are they?

Michael Burke
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02/01/2018 9:59 am  

Good Times!

Rich Draxdorf
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02/01/2018 10:01 am  

Eat, drink and be merry.