DRI’s BioHub Possible Biological Cure for Diabetes

DRI BioHub Biological Cure for DiabetesDiabetes Research Institute or (DRI) for short, have what their scientists are calling a possible biological cure for diabetes called the BioHub.

The BioHub is a crafted “mini body organ” that houses insulin-producing islet cells that sense blood sugar as well as introduce the specific volume of the hormone insulin to keep blood sugar levels normal. The engineered BioHub will certainly simulate and also mimic the insulin function of a typical working pancreas and also bring back insulin production for diabetics despite how lengthy they have really had the disease.

Researchers are now testing sites in the body to place the BioHub and one site that is promising is the omentum which is tissue that covers the abdomen. This environment is rich in blood vessels and the BioHub can be placed in an abdomen pouch where a section of this tissue can be folded over making it an optimal site.

Research for the BioHub is mainly being focused on patients that have type 1 diabetes at this time but may also be used in people with type 2 for added islets to help maintain normal blood sugar levels.

DRI scientists at the University of Miami say they may be 5 to 7 years away from curing Type 1 diabetes if all goes well. Let’s hope this biological cure for diabetes comes sooner than later!!!

Resource: BioHub


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