Preventing Low Blood Sugar in Type 1 Diabetes

People that are newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes need to know the importance of preventing low blood sugar.

Prevent Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia) in Type 1 Diabetes

There are many ways to preventing low blood sugar levels or hypoglycemia in type 1 diabetes. The most effective way for me is to check your sugar with a glucometer (finger prick) often (4-8 times/day). I always try to check myself before eating and a few hours after. I also test myself before I exercise or play sports and make sure my sugar level is above 120 mg dl and carry candies or a sweet drink with me just in case my sugar drops. It’s also good to check yourself during these activities if you can. Testing before bedtime is always necessary to prevent lows while you’re sleeping. If your level is close to 70 mg dl before bedtime you should eat a snack (granola bar, fruit, cookies).

People who use syringes to administer insulin need to monitor their blood glucose level much more closer. This includes always eating your meals and snacks during your daily regimen and testing your sugar multiple times a day. If you’re using an insulin pump it can be a bit easier for you because your in more control of your diabetes, by having the device hooked up to you at all times and being able to suspend your insulin delivery (check with your pump educator first).

For me the pump has been a huge deal in stopping my sugars from falling too low but I understand it’s not for everyone, but maybe look into it for in depth insulin pump info. Hope these tips help!


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