BMI Calculator for Diabetics

What is my optimal body weight? Try our BMI Calculator! Body Mass Index (BMI) is a calculation of height and weight. A helpful tool for diabetics and those at risk of obesity! Furthermore, when determining your optimal body weight, the BMI tool can be used in conjunction with waist to hip ratio.

How to Use a Simple BMI Calculator?

To calculate your BMI, just input your details into the BMI tool with the following information: height (inches or cm), weight (pounds or kg) and click on calculate. Check your BMI results against the chart below.

BMI Calculator Tool

Valid for age 20 or older.
Set units:
Your weight:
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Note: Results are not 100% accurate as this calculation does not take the following into account, density of your bones, your muscle mass or the amount of water that is present in your body. Here’s more in depth BMI formula and diagnostics info!

Body Mass Index Chart

On the BMI chart below, find your height on the left side, then scroll over to find your weight.

The chart is color coded, so based on what color you land on, this will indicate whether or not you are at your ideal body weight.

Although the BMI calculator is an approved tool to determine ideal body weight, it does not take into consideration muscle mass.

The chart is very helpful for anyone, especially diabetics who struggle with their weight.

Body Mass Index Chart

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