Avoiding Hypoglycemia from Activities

I’ve always been a very active person so avoiding hypoglycemia is always a top priority for me. Since having diabetes I must focus more on my condition when doing activities. This includes exercising, all sports including hockey, baseball, football, basketball or any pickup game I was called on by friends and family.

Avoiding Hypoglycemia at NYC Marathon

Before I was diagnosed with diabetes avoiding hypoglycemia was never an issue. Soon after diagnoses this became a major issue because I would have to plan ahead. This meant always having my glucometer with me to check my sugar level before performing any activities. Ideally I’d try to have my glucose level above 120 mg dl before performing activities but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. When low then I have to make sure and eat a light snack to get my sugar level up.

I always bring a non diet drink with me like Gatorade, Powerade as well as snacks like granola bars and sweet candies. Jolly Ranchers always do the trick for me! Usually when I’m working out or playing a strenuous game of sports, I’ll feel the effects of hypoglycemia starting to come on. I will then pop a few candies or some swigs of Gatorade. Other people won’t feel it so they’ll have to be aware and ready to deal with it immediately.

Symptoms of Hypoglycemia:

  • rapid heartbeat
  • sweating
  • shaking
  • sudden nervousness
  • trouble thinking clearly or concentrating

If you notice any of these hypoglycemic symptoms you MUST stop your activity immediately and have your sweet drink and candy at once or risk losing consciousness. You can always carry glucose tablets too as they also work great.

Hopefully this post gives you all some basic knowledge and insight about Hypoglycemia from Activities and how to avoid it! Please Share!


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