Exercise Importance for Diabetics

When I was first diagnosed with diabetes my first reaction was, “who me? No way, I can’t have diabetes”. When I came to terms with myself about having this annoying disease, I realized that the exercise importance was a big deal to feeling better.

Exercise Importance for Diabetics

Of course I forgot to mention “DIET” as my #1 important thing. I guess that’s assuming I was watching what I ate and stayed away from heavy carbs and starchy foods.

The importance of exercise for diabetics helps improve stamina, strengthens and tones your body. It will also enhance flexibility, controls weight and improve your quality of life.

If your a type 1 or type 2 diabetic, eat right and have a healthy diet then exercise is definitely KING and the KEY to feeling GREAT , trust me!!! ***IMPORTANT: remember to check your sugar levels before, during and after your workout with your glucometer. And always have glucose tablets or candy with you in case of hypoglycemia.***


I’m a type 1 diabetic with diabetes knowledge in t1d and t2d, as well as nutrition and low-carb keto diet information, fitness and exercise programs to help keep you in optimal diabetes health. Take advantage of our diabetic health toolsfor a healthier lifestyle!

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