Diabetes Exercise Always Works

When I say diabetes exercise works, I mean exercise is king if you have any type of diabetes. I’m a type 1 diabetic using an insulin pump for my treatment. When I hit the gym first thing in the morning and workout, it makes me feel great the rest of the day. Even if I don’t have a gym or can’t get there I’ll head outside. Power walking and step ups always work to get my blood flowing. If it’s a rainy day or freezing out I always do indoor activities. I jog in place, do squats, pushups, dips or any of my favorite exercises inside my home.

How diabetes exercise helps me?

diabetes exercise works

Lately I’ve been home due to an injury. So I’ve been heading out in the AM to the boardwalk and power walking close to 5 miles. Obviously you should walk as much as your comfortable with. A little bit of exercise is always better than no exercise. On the days when I don’t exercise I notice my blood sugars are always higher with much bigger swings in range. We’ll all have these days so the only other thing we can do to keep our sugars in range is to eat healthier. Try eating more proteins and less carbs.

Remember, any kind of physical fitness activity is good for your body and mind. I like walking, jogging, jumping rope, running, dancing or even just working around your house. It is especially important for all diabetics to be active on a daily basis. Try doing all the little extra things possible during your day like using the stairs instead of elevators or escalators. Diabetes exercise will definitely benefit us in the long run so please try to find the desire inside of you. Really try and carry out most, if not all the important things mentioned in the article. The worst thing that can happen is it will make managing your diabetes a lot easier. #diabetesexercise #stepups #jumprope #physicalfitness #jumpingrope


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