Understanding Consistent Exercise

Can you see The Light at the End of the tunnel ? (No you are not dying). It’s actually the workout fairy trying to coax you into exercising. A common misconception is exercise comes easy to individuals that engage in consistent exercise, therefore this could not be further from the truth.

An individual who regularly engages in exercise understands they will always feel better after exercise no matter what. At no point does anyone take time out of their busy lives to exercise and regret it. No one. Ever.

It is this fact, the fuel that lights the fire under the asses of gym rats after their 6am Monday morning coffee.

Understanding that the alternative is worse is realizing one more hour of sleep is not as beneficial as 30 mins of exercise for increasing your energy and alertness for the day.

Scheduling and Finding the motivation each week for exercise can be a challenge however, it doesn’t have to be.

1. Try changing your perspective on exercise. Be grateful you have the ability to go out and play basketball with your son or simply run around the block. Imagine how you would feel if that option was taken you.
2. Schedule your workouts, like a hair appointment or appointment to get your car repaired. Put it in your calendar. Bonus tip: try to exercise in the morning if possible, it’s always good for people with diabetes. Set out your workout clothes the night before and don’t think about it, Just do it.

  • Create a support group. Attend a regular class, hire a trainer or buddy up with a friend to workout.
  • Consistent Exercise doesn’t have to be at the gym. Power walk to a local park, do step ups on a park bench, jump squats and pushups. Anything to get the blood pumping.

Now let’s go get after it!!

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