Dead Butt Syndrome or Glute Amnesia

Do your glutes have amnesia? It’s called Dead Butt Syndrome or Glute Amnesia.
Chances are if you sit a lot at work and in your daily life, your glutes have forgotten how to fire properly. Reciprocal inhibition causes one muscle (In this case hip flexor complex) to become tight, while the opposing muscles (glute medius) become stretched out, and unable to contract, resulting in Dead butt syndrome.

Glute amnesia or Gluteal amnesia can cause low back pain, hamstring tendinitis, hip pain and sciatica.

It’s important to work a little everyday to combat against the decline of your hip health as a result of a sedentary lifestyle.
Glute strength is the foundation of the human body. It provides balance stability and strength in everything we do.

Do these two exercises daily to improve your overall hip health. Also helps people with diabetes.

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