Investing in Self Care for Diabetics

It’s March 9th, do you know where your New Years resolutions are? Its the time of year to check in with our resolutions and assess our progress. Hopefully all of us invested in a healthy lifestyle while others were investing in self care for diabetics.

I recommend my clients set intentions for the new year, little promises to do better by themselves. This practice typically falls under the term self care. Setting aside time to read, sleeping more, and getting outside to walk the dog more are all forms of self care. This also goes for my clients who have diabetes.

Self care is defined as a deliberate act or action to control and improve health or wellbeing. It means something different to each person. Investing in self care for diabetics means a bit more because people with diabetes must work harder for optimal health. Self care helps relieve stress, anxiety and improve your overall health and wellbeing. When regularly practicing self care, it indicates to yourself and others that you are a worthwhile investment.

A Worthwhile Investment

It’s hard to prioritize self care when we are busy and stressed. If you’re a diabetic then diabetes management is the solution. We lose our ability to deal positively with stress, and often experience increased anxiety and depression. My resolutions this year were to prioritize sleep and eat avocado everyday. Since January 15th I’ve only missed 4 days. Include some self care rituals for your life, you will be glad you did. 🙂


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