Should AAPL Invest in Diabetes Treatment?

Jim Cramer of and Real Money author says Apple (AAPL) should invest in diabetes treatment. There’s two companies out there blowing past other device makers, Dexcom and Tandem Diabetes. Dexcom offers the G-6 continuous glucose monitor (CGM) while Tandem offers the t:slim X2 Insulin Pump for diabetes sufferers. The G-6 cgm doesn’t require finger sticks for calibration making diabetes management much easier for diabetics. If a child is using both cgm and pump together, the system will send parents real-time data via iPhone at the same time the child sees it.

Should AAPL Invest in Diabetes Treatment

Cramer says the Apple Watch and iPhone can both connect to the glucose monitor and pump. So it makes sense for Apple to buy Dexcom and Tandem Diabetes. If this becomes a reality then this division of AAPL’s business will be a diabetes device powerhouse. Read full article here! #tandemdiabetes #dexcom


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