Exercising Outside when it’s Hot and Humid

When I woke up this morning my A/C was cranking and I didn’t want to get out of bed to exercise. I told myself last night that exercising outside was a priority for me because no rain was in site. However, when I stepped foot outside, it was so hot and humid that you could practically cut the air with a knife. I considered cancelling my outside exercise due to the heat but decided the heat could work to my advantage. The excess heat and humidity provides an opportunity to sweat more than normal, provided being sufficiently hydrated. Today was an especially good day to detox my body through my skin via sweat.

Type of workouts when exercising outside

There are many exercises you can chose from like walking, biking, running etc. However, when it’s hot and humid outside, my workout consists of power-walking, stairs, step-ups and jogging. If I still have energy left in the tank, I’ll do a few sets of jump rope then call it a day.

A simple exercise circuit you can do outside:

  1. Power walk to raise your heart rate and start sweating
  2. Find stairs and run steps (bleachers, train station etc.)
  3. Step-ups on a park bench

Remember to be cautious when exercising outside, especially in hot and humid weather. Workout at your own pace, and always bring water or sugary based liquids with you in case of low blood sugar episodes.

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