Best 6 Ways to Detox Yourself – Rejuvenate Your Body

Throughout life, we accumulate tons of toxins. Like a sponge, our body absorbs the good and bad things we stuff into it. Toxins come from food, drinks, and even the air we breathe. With no way to avoid it, what can we do? Detox your way to a happier, healthier body.

Signs You Need a Detox

Do you feel tired all the time? Difficulty concentrating or losing weight? These can all be signs you need to detox. Chronic fatigue will run you down and take the spark out of life. Most often it can be directly attributed to our lifestyle. We rely on quick meals and junk food for little spikes in dopamine. Our bodies tell us “Something’s wrong here”. If we just listen.

If you've never done a detox before, hear me now! You've been holding toxins in your body your entire life. Yes, your liver and kidneys work overtime to eliminate them from your body. Share on X It’s not enough. Sometimes you need to help them out a bit. Give them a break with these 6 ways you can naturally detox your body today!

Natural Ways to Rejuvenate the Body

  1. Fasting: Toxins come from outside sources. Food and alcohol are the worst culprits. Fasting, specifically a water fast, reduces inflammation caused by your body trying to process food. It’s a good thing to give it a break once in a while. Fasting can be done intermittently or 1-3 days. Interestingly after about 24 hours of fasting, the body goes into a state called autophagy. During this process the body sheds old and damaged cells. Cleaning up the bloodstream and “recycling” old parts. Additionally it strengthens your good cells and revitalizes your immune system.
  2. Limit opportunities for toxins to enter your body: Many toxins will enter the body through the skin. We use chemicals to wash the kitchen, the bathroom, the furniture, and much more. There are many safer alternatives made from organic material. Citrus from oranges or lemons can make a great cleaner when mixed with vinegar. Tea tree oil has disinfectant properties. Make it yourself, there are hundreds of options online. Clean living includes giving up on tobacco, limiting alcohol, and sugar. We have many habits that feel good, but are just absolutely terrible for us. Hold yourself to a higher standard and treat your body like you love it.
  3. Clean food: Going organic is one of the great proactive ways to detox by avoiding many toxins altogether. Pesticides and antibiotics used to help plants grow better leave residue on the outside and inside of your food. The World health organization has acceptable limits on these but there are 1000’s of chemicals that enter our body from this, some might even damage our DNA. While going organic, stick to locally sourced fruits and veggies. The less processing and handling of the food, the more likely it is to be safe.
  4. Sauna / exercise: Exercise is a natural, free way to engage your body’s built-in detox system. Many processes in the body detox and protect us. The kidneys, liver, lungs, and even the skin are our most important defenses. Saunas too, rejuvenate us. As with exercise, sweating in a sauna releases heavy metals. Therapeutic saunas draw out foreign substances from the body and have many anti-aging effects.
  5. Hydrate: One of the most effective ways to detox is with water. Water is life, it carries toxins out of the bloodstream. But it can’t do this if you don’t have enough fluids. Adding real lemon to your water (peel and all) will boost your mood and rejuvenate your energy levels. It works by adding antioxidants, vitamin C, and extra electrolytes to your water. Not to mention, tasting delicious!Plus- Adding cucumber aids in digestion and adds a whole new dimension to your water!
  6. Detoxifying supplements: Supplements must support the organs responsible for removing the toxins from your body. They vary from brand to brand but these are the major supplements for a detox:
  • Liver Support
  • – Dandelion Root
  • – Milk Thistle
  • – Artichoke heart
  • Kidney function
  • -Vitamin B
  • -Iron
  • -Vitamin C
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc

In conclusion…

We put our bodies through hell, life wouldn’t be worth living otherwise. At times, it’s important to step back and give it a break, help it out for a bit. You can start to feel better today. We don’t have to be perfect but if your goal is longevity hold onto some of your vitality while you still can. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. So, finding ways to detox the mind along with the body can radically transform the direction of your life.

Meditation for the mind. Detox the body. Do some yoga and keep the body functioning well for years to come. For most of us it’s easy to neglect these things, some of us don’t have that option. So we must not let it go to waste. Take care of yourself, we only get one.

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