Park Bench Step Ups Suitable for Diabetics

A few days ago during my power walk I did step ups on a park bench suitable for diabetics. Reason being, I currently have type 1 diabetes which is treated by an insulin pump and CGM (continuous glucose monitor). So if I can handle this park bench step ups exercise, than so should you (assuming you have no other worse disorders). This is a great cardio workout which also strengthens the legs and core. Getting your blood flowing is always a good thing while being a diabetic.

Walking will surely get your blood flowing but doing step ups will push it a notch further. Check out my step ups video above and get an idea how to do it. Exercise at your own pace, start off slow and gradually work your way up. If you’re really feeling motivated then do more sets or add weights to your leg workout. Also be sure to have a healthy diet!


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  1. Rich November 9, 2017
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