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Ok it’s the annual fitness trainer mandatory “holiday eating tips” post! This will be short and sweet. It’s a simple and (sometimes difficult) formula: “eat less and move more” especially if you have diabetes.


  • Try to exercise in the morning before you go out to events. Exercise can be going to the gym or running or walking around the block 3 times.
  • Start the day with lots of water and a healthy protein based breakfast. This minimizes cravings, therefore balances blood sugar. and sets up your day for success.
  • Practice 80/20 rule. 80% of what you eat that day should be healthy choices and give yourself 20% wiggle room to play with.
  • Arrange an outdoor activity after the holiday festivities. A walk around the block or a casual football game/catch. If it’s cold outside, bundle up. Remember the body burns extra calories when it’s cold outside.

Exercise is the key to maintaining weight and energy throughout the holidays and first part of winter. You couldindulgewith healthy sweets in the holiday celebration but try to keep the body moving to maximize energy and minimize weight gain.
Hope y’all enjoyed our holiday eating lecture, Merry Christmas!!

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