Vitamin D Boosts Immune System in Diabetes

Vitamin D Boosts Immune System in Diabetes

I’ve had T1D for over 20 years and can tell you from experience that vitamin D boosts immune system in diabetes. There are many vitamin D benefits. About 8 years ago I used to often get sick, like coughs and bad colds. Then I discovered vitamin D3 from a friend at work who noticed I was sick a lot. He told me vitamin D would boost my immune system and keep me from getting sick. Well he was correct cause as soon as I started taking it I felt much better and stronger. Furthermore, since I'm a type 1 diabetic I especially need to boost my immune system anyway I can. I started taking 5000 iu's of vitamin D3 per day and since then I've been relatively healthy. Share on X

Vitamin D Benefits

  • Vitamin D helps fight disease such as tuberculosis, HIV, multiple sclerosis, diabetes and more. It also decreases your chance of developing heart disease and the flu by boosting your immune system.
  • Vitamin D helps reduce the chance of anxiety and depression.
  • Vitamin D along with calcium supplements help in weight loss by suppressing your appetite. There are more vitamin D benefits that can help us all.

Vitamin D Boosts Immune System in Diabetes


Vitamin D is produced in your skin through a chemical reaction from sunlight, therefore, it’s beneficial to get sunlight daily. Yesterday morning was bright and sunny with a chill in the air so I took advantage of the sunshine with a power walk. I’m sure vitamin D was produced in my body from the sunlight.

If you don’t get enough sunlight and are a diabetic, be sure to use vitamin D3 supplementsbecause vitamin D boosts immune system in diabetes. It’s never bad to keep yourself as healthy and as strong as possible until a diabetes cure becomes available.


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