Natural Ways to Keep Diabetes Away

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder having significant enhancement of blood glucose level or hyperglycemic condition. Diabetes is a chronic untreatable condition. Therefore, maintenance of normal blood glucose levels is the only way to keep your diabetes under control. World Health Organization (WHO) estimated more than 300 million people across the globe will be diabetic by 2025. This increasing trend of diabetes negatively affects the economic status of the whole nation. Furthermore, it is high time to search for natural ways to keep diabetes away. Following are some most of the attractive natural treatment approaches to control diabetes effectively with negligible side effect burden.


Yoga is quite possibly the most conventional clinical therapy approaches for controlling and preventing a few constant conditions, including type-2 diabetes. The aforementioned doesn’t simply controlling your blood glucose level within the normal range, but it additionally assists with working on previous diabetic-related difficulties. Medical experts also considered that yoga as an effective supportive anti-diabetic treatment. Yoga helps in the reduction of the prescribed medication intake gradually. Thus, it reduces the side effect burden. Yoga also acts as a stress buster which additionally helps to diminish blood glucose levels.

Herbal Remedy

Medicinal herbs have a significant role in controlling blood sugar levels and provide anti-diabetic benefits. A vast range of medicinal plants exceeding more than 1200 in numbers serves different anti-diabetic effect mechanisms. Some medicinal plants offer symptomatic relief to diabetes-related complications and prevent further progression of the condition. Some herbal plants can help to regenerate pancreatic beta cells and enhance insulin synthesis. Most of these herbal plants have potent antioxidant properties and cholesterol-lowering effects. Both of these therapeutic properties assist in preventing diabetes induce complications.

  • Fresh unripe fruit juice of Bitter melon. This fruit has mixed steroids containing phytochemicals that lowers blood sugar.
  • 15 g of Fenugreek seeds powder soaked in water provides an effective result. Seeds contain fiber, nicotinic acid, alkaloid gonelline, and coumarin provide glucose and lipid-lowering effect.
  • Gurmar leaf extract (400mg) acts as a sugar blocker by increasing endogenous insulin production.
  • Neem Leaves extract can control diabetes. Neem leaves containing phytochemicals such as flavonoids and quercetin block epinephrine action on glucose metabolism. And enhance peripheral glucose utilization. Thus this herb significantly decreases blood sugar levels.
  • Cinnamon powdered bark extract can control blood glucose level, as cinnamon provides an insulin-like effect by converting more glucose to glycogen by reducing the conversion of glycogen to glucose by decreasing the activity of glycogen synthase kinase 3β.
  • Inner portion of the Aloe vera leaves contains glucomannan. This water-soluble fiber present in leaves provides an insulin-sensitizing effect and control diabetes.

Dietary Supplement

Micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals play a vital role as dietary supplements in our bodies. The support of basic cellular reactions as co-enzymes and co-factors and helps in body metabolism. There is evidence of their role in diabetes management. A few of the essential micronutrients that are used as dietary supplements are mentioned below:

Chromium:Helps in glucose metabolism. The daily recommended dose for chromium is low. It has to be maintained over 200 mg/day. This quantity can keep optimal blood sugar regulation. Chromium can increase the activity of insulin receptors. A precaution must be given to patients taking chromium supplements for hypoglycemia, and renal function monitoring.

Vanadium:There is not much evidence for the vanadium supplements studies done so far. An animal study suggested its potential benefits in type 1 diabetes.

Magnesium:The complications of diabetes, particularly retinopathy is very much associated with Magnesium deficiency.

Nicotinamide:The patients with newly diagnosed diabetes can be controlled through effective supplementation of Nicotinamide. Research evidence proved that nicotinamide treatment provided very effective results for females who develop type 1 diabetes after puberty.

Vitamin E:it primarily acts as an antioxidant and helps in the reduction of diabetes complications.


Scientific analysts guaranteed that Gomutra has antidiabetic and cancer prevention agent properties. Preclinical examination discoveries likewise upheld that ordinary utilization of Gomutra ark for 28 days could diminish mean blood glucose level. This finding has demonstrated that the Gomutra ark altogether bringing down the glucose level. The specific mechanism of activity of Gomutra against diabetes isn’t yet established. In any case, specialists expected that sulfur present in cow pee might have behaved like sulphonylureas. Or, it might be increasing insulin receptors sensitivity or caused an increasing amount of insulin release.

Another experimental research result revealed that cow urine and herbal therapies showed preferred anti-diabetic action overdid the preparation prepared using distilled water. This finding implies the addition of Gomutra in anti-diabetic herbal preparation gives synergistic action in controlling blood sugar levels. Hopefully you found this article about natural ways to keep diabetes away informative.


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