Diabetic Community: Importance of Social Media Support

Whether you are newly diagnosed or have had diabetes for a long time, having social media support is crucial. Support from family members and loved ones is always welcome. However, the support you can receive from people who have similar experiences is invaluable. During this pandemic, it’s difficult to attend diabetes support groups, organization meetings and events to connect with other diabetic individuals.

Online Communities for Diabetics

With social distancing in effect, we should focus on taking community support to the online world. There are a number of online groups targeted towards diabetics and their support systems on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In those communities, you will be able to interact with other diabetics and discuss your diabetes journey. Simply search keywords like diabetes or diabetic community and use hashtags like #t1d #t2d #diabetesawareness to discover those communities.

DMP (Diabetes Management Platform)

If you are looking for a social media platform that is tailored towards diabetics and covers more specific topics – then you should download DMP (Diabetes Management Platform), a new free app! DMP is designed to bring together a diabetic community. Therefore, providing a platform to connect with other diabetics and access helpful medical information.

Group Forums Covering Various Topics

Many diabetics have voiced their struggles with finding online communities that are specific to their type of diabetes. On DMP, there are a number of group forums that differentiate between type 1 and type 2. Aside from type-specific forums, there are also forums that are targeted towards parents of type 1 kids, geriatric diabetics, gestational diabetes, and many more.

Live Streams Hosted by Medical Professionals and Diabetes Advocates

Aside from community support, DMP also invites licensed dietitians, diabetes influencers, and medical researchers to host weekly live streams exclusively on the DMP app. App users gain insightful information related to diabetes regarding mental health, fitness, parenting, product review, etc. from these live streams.

Online communities and social media platforms offer diabetics an accessible opportunity to educate themselves. They can get support from individuals going through the same journey as them. As social media continues to achieve new horizons, it is becoming increasingly uncomplicated for diabetics and other patients to obtain medical information, even when they are not in a doctor’s office.

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