5 Common Signs You Should Be Tested for Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes or T2D is a chronic condition that involves a loss of the body to efficiently utilize the glucose that builds up in the bloodstream. Over time, the excess glucose can trigger a number of health issues, including damage to the kidneys, a loss of vision, and an increased risk of heart disease.

One of the things that many people don’t understand about T2D is that it’s possible to have the condition and exhibit no symptoms at all. At other times, people may have experience some minor signs but brush them off as being nothing. If any of the following is happening to you right now, it’s time to talk with your doctor and be tested. Doing so could make a big difference in the quality of your life.

Urinating More Frequently

Trips to the bathroom are occurring more frequently. It’s not just during the day; you also seem to be getting up at night more often. The underlying cause may be the excess glucose in your bloodstream. In an attempt to clear out some of it, your body is attempting to expel it by routing the glucose out of the blood and through the kidneys. That may even lead to feeling as if you have to go even when you already went less than an hour before.

Drinking More During the Day

One of the most common signs that something is not quite right with your glucose levels is increased thirst. If you catch yourself drinking more during the day, it could be because higher glucose levels lead to thirst. Couple the higher fluid intake with the fact that you’re urinating more often and type 2 diabetes could be the reason.

Hunger is Back Shortly After You Eat

Do you feel hungry again shortly after having a meal or snack? Assuming that this is out of the ordinary, something’s up. Since frequent hunger is one of the more likely signs of T2D, there’s a good chance that your blood glucose levels are elevated. Instead of continuing to raid the refrigerator in order to sate the hunger, it’s time to find out what your blood sugar readings happen to be.

Tingling in Your Fingers or Toes

It’s barely noticeable, but the tips of your fingers so seem to be a little numb. Maybe there’s a slight tingling sensation. While you can still feel with ease, there is a difference. Given the fact that a loss of sensation in the extremities is among the most common T2D warning signs, this is not something to take lightly. A visit with your doctor is definitely in order.

Energy Levels Are Low For No Apparent Reason

Have you noticed that you feel more fatigued than usual? Maybe you’re running out of steam by the middle of the afternoon. It could be that you no longer feel like doing anything after work or on weekends. Sure, it could be stress that’s causing the fatigue. It could also be a buildup of glucose in the bloodstream that’s higher than it should be, due to #t2d.

These are not the only signs that you may be pre-diabetic or have progressed to type 2 diabetes. They are also not automatically confirmations of T2D since all these symptoms can be indicators of other conditions. The only way to know for sure is to see your doctor and get tested.

Remember that if you’re diagnosed with T2D, life isn’t over. It does mean you have some lifestyle changes to make. The odds of living to a ripe old age are excellent these days, especially if you observe a low carbohydrate diet that’s rich in nutrients, exercise regularly, get sufficient sleep, and take your meds as prescribed. Talk with your doctor about management programs that are available in your area. Once you begin to take the proper measures, rest assured that you will feel a lot better.
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