HiiT Can Help Burn More Fat

This series covers the 3 most important aspects of establishing a strength training program. Starting with the basics of a strength training routine such as goal setting, planning, and routines practice. Furthermore, how high-intensity interval training or HiiT can burn more fat.

This article discusses the first step to a successful bodybuilding routine, goals, and plans to achieve them.

Step I: Set Goals

All goals, from successful entrepreneurs to earning a PhD, start with an idea in your head. Writing your goals down on paper is a good step towards making those dreams come true. Set a goal of becoming stronger while shaping your body.

So the first step you need to take is to get a notebook that you can dedicate to your new workout routine.

Once you’ve got your notebook, dedicate the first page to all of your goals, which can be anything from getting in shape to a healthier lifestyle or getting enough. strong to defeat your brother. Next, break down your goals by how long you think it will take you to achieve them.

You should set short-term and long-term goals. Achieving short-term goals gives you the extra motivation you need to maintain a long-term fitness routine and achieve some bigger, longer-term goals. Here is an example list of goals:

Short-term goal:

  1. 150 lbs pressed bench.
  2. Continue my routine for at least a month
  3. Be able to do 50 push-ups

Long-term goal:

  1. 200 lbs press bench.
  2. Maintain my routine for 3 months
  3. Do 100 push-ups

Step II:

Write down a workout plan in your diary. Committed to 3 days a week is ideal for beginners, as over training can be harmful to the body, especially if you haven’t been very active lately. If possible, leave a day between each workout.

This allows your body to recover from the stresses and rigors of strength training. If you can’t work out evenly, focus on one muscle group per session. This will increase the efficiency of your workout and also avoid harming your body.

Next, plan your exercise routine. A good routine would include stretching to warm up. Stretching before a workout is also a good way to prevent injury and maintain flexibility. Starting with a few push-ups and sit-ups is also a great way to prepare your body for an extreme weightlifting routine.

Now take out your diary and set a date and time for your exercise sessions, be specific and make sure you have plenty of time to warm up and cool down. Decide which muscle groups you will work on each day and design a workout routine just for you. It will save you from having to compete with your side Joe Blow who has been training regularly for 5 years and will keep you on track to reach your goals.

Stage III: Your First Workout

Your first workout will not be your “normal routine”. Instead, you’ll use the first session to assess your fitness. Of course, start with a stretch, then do some of the following exercises to determine your fitness level: see how many sit-ups, crunches, sit-ups and pulls you can do. up in one minute.

Then check your CPC bid (Max means the maximum weight you can lift in one exercise.) You can do this with pushups, leg presses, sit-ups, presses. chest, shoulder press, squat and most other weightlifting exercises in bodybuilding. As a result, you can work towards a high-intensity interval training workout and see how HiiT can burn more fat.

Next, you’ll want to use as many weights as possible for each strength training exercise you plan to do. (To “repeat” means to perform an exercise regularly without stopping.) Record all of your results in a fitness diary and date them. You’ll use it to track your progress, which will also keep you motivated to continue your strength training routine.

This completes Part I of this series. Part II details specific strength training routines designed to achieve certain goals such as body shaping and muscle building. I hope you understand the importance of journaling about your fitness routine, as it can mean the difference between exercising for a week and exercising for a lifetime! Hope you learned about how HiiT can burn more fat.