5 Top Advantages of Wearing Compression Socks for Diabetics

If you have diabetes, you must already be knowing that good foot care is critical. However, elevated levels of glucose often accompany the swelling and discomfort in the legs. Compression socks are known to maintain the correct pressure in your feet. Therefore, it relieves you from pain, cramping, or tingling sensation. It will be even better if you wear copper compression socks for diabetics. These socks are made up of copper-infused fabric. They give you an edge over regular compression socks because of the copper’s antimicrobial and healing nature.

5 advantages of wearing a pair of compression socks daily for a diabetic patient:

  1. Reduces Swelling & Pain in Ankle, Calf, and Feet

Diabetic people often experience pain and swelling due to peripheral edema, venous insufficiency, and foot ulcer. The compression socks apply pressure on your lower leg. This pressure helps in reducing the pain, cramping, fatigue, and swelling.

The compression socks, which are made especially for diabetic people, are antibacterial and moisture-wicking. Thus they also help to heal sores, wounds, and infections in your feet.

  1. Works to Improve Oxygen-rich Blood Circulation

The pressure generated by compression socks not only generates blood circulation. It promotes oxygen-rich blood flow to limbs and the heart. Diabetes comes with complications like poor blood circulation and nerve damage. Compression socks help cure these ailments by decreasing nerve sensitivity and improving the blood circulation in the lower ligament.

Depending on the variant, a pair of compression socks put pressure of 8-15 mmHg to 40-50 mmHg. This pressure forces the blood to flow upward to reduce swelling in the feet.

  1. Helps to Heal DVT

DVT is another unwanted guest with diabetes. When you suffer from DVT, a blood clot is formed in your deep vein because of slow blood flow. This usually happens in the legs. Compression socks put less pressure on calves and more on foot. It ensures that proper circulation is reaching the lower part of the legs. This heals the painful symptoms of DVT like swelling, redness, and pain in both legs. Medical practitioners also prescribe wearing compression socks along with treatment of DVT.

  1. Provides Cost-effective Solutions

Yes, the compression socks are a bit more expensive than the regular socks. However, they are not as readily available everywhere as usual socks. Moreover, if you want to get copper compression socks, it’s not very common yet in the market. But they are worth every penny and effort because of the health benefit they provide. They eliminate the pain and irritation in your feet, minimizing the chances of damage.

  1. Prevents Serious Infection From Wounds

An injury in the feet becomes more complicated with diabetic neuropathy. It delays the healing process. Sometimes, your nerves are destroyed to that level that you don’t realize the pain in your limbs. The antimicrobial properties of copper socks prevent your wound from getting worst and recurring. They fight infections, improves blood flow, and enhances the development of blood vessels.

To Sum it Up!

You already have a plethora of issues persisting with diabetes. But you can get rid of the stress of a foot injury turning into a nightmare with the help of copper compression socks. Numerous varieties of compression socks are available in the market. Choose wisely from well-known and trusted brands. It will be a wise move to take advice from your physician. Hope you enjoyed this info about compression socks for diabetics.

Rory Donelly on Diabetesknow.com

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