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The keystone to a happy and healthy life is fitness and wellness of our body. Both are equally responsible for a robust and wholesome living. Let’s first have a clear image of the difference between the two. Fitness and wellness seem like synonyms of each other. But wait! There is a difference. A difference which is interrelated to each other. Fitness is the word for physical well being while wellness is state of being fit whether physical, emotional or mental.

Fitness has its main focus on the body, on the other hand wellness comprises each and every aspect of entire life. Furthermore, fitness comes from physical quantities like exercise and good food. On the contrary, wellness includes a healthy mind within a healthy body. Wellness is more of an internal well being of us. You can be fit if you have a muscular body which is gained by gymming. At the same time you can be unwell with that body. Let’s see more of fitness vs wellness to give a clearer picture

When any human puts physical effort into their body like running, exercising and gymming , the body gets into shape – this is called fitness. How is fitness accounted for? There are some numerous standards set to judge fitness of a person. These include- weight , body fat , BMI and abdominal obesity. It can be maintained through the following regime given by health professionals and including personalized diet plans.

What is wellness?

When all the dimensions of a being work in harmony we can define it as wellness. It encompasses dimensions such as physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental and social. Wellness is not a present or past state rather it is a continuous process. Wellness is directly associated with the soul instead of just focusing on the outer self.

Now after establishing some major differences between fitness and wellness, we will talk about how they are affected by surroundings and how physical therapy contributes to improve fitness and wellness.

How does physical therapy improve physical fitness and wellness?

Physical therapy is a clinical practice to help patients manage with certain physical conditions. Its other common name is physiotherapy. Physical therapy is a health protection and wellness program offered by physical therapists. The motive for providing physical therapy is to promote or restore the patient’s health back to normal conditions. There are some major and essential steps before providing therapies which include physical examination, diagnosis, prognosis and patient education.
Physical therapy can be provided as a primary health facility or conjointly with other medical treatments, as with diabetes.

Fitness and wellness is also associated with physical therapy. A deep internal connection is present between the trio, physical therapy, fitness and wellness. We can understand it if a patient is suffering from any physical ailment like joint issues, immovability, pain in certain areas and other health related issues, it can be a barrier for physical fitness of the person. Physical fitness can be a fence to wellness for some people.

Physical therapy boosts physical strength and ability. Roadblocks to fitness can be removed through physical therapies like a person facing severe sports and accidental injury needs physical therapies for proper functioning of the area again. This way physical therapy helps in maintaining physical fitness.

We now have a clear vision on fitness related to physical therapy. Moreover we will know how wellness is related to fitness and therapies

A good body is a sign of healthy mind. Indulging in physical activities have tremendous effect on overall wellness. It helps in maintaining calm and composed mind. Same is the case with fitness, if someone is experiencing mental tiredness then its effect can be seen physically. Physical perseverance and health will descend. Here we got the idea of interlink between fitness and wellness. Facing these issues in life can be dangerous, one can opt for physical therapy, as a primary care, to unload the unwanted burden from life.

The definition for physical therapy in mental health, “Physiotherapy in mental health aims to optimize wellbeing and empower the individual by promoting functional movement, movement awareness, physical activity and exercises, bringing together physical and mental aspects. Physiotherapists in mental health contribute to the multidisciplinary team and interprofessional care.”

Physical therapy is a beneficiary option for physical fitness and overall wellness as well. There is a need to understand the difference yet connection between fitness and wellness. Fitness helps in performing day to day life activities with ease while wellness ensures overall safety of health and mind. Poor fitness impacts our mind and then they impact each dimension of wellness altogether. Physical therapy overcomes the issues with health and mind. Targeting them with the help of physical therapies, helps in keeping a well-balanced body and soul.Feed what your body and soul craves!

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