Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy during COVID

The word quarantine and the aspects related to it are new to the world. It is unique for everyone and has created new challenges in the lives of millions of people. It has impacted the health of people because of depression and anxiety that is associated with it. You must take special care of your heart as it is the centre of your physical wellbeing. Heart diseases can lead to other conditions like high blood pressure, hypertension etc. all these are interrelated with each other.Marcus Debaisesays that one will lead to the other and vice a versa. Hence it is crucial to keep the heart healthy amid all the trouble. Learn some heart healthy tips during COVID 19.

Heart Healthy Tips during COVID

  • Try to get accustomed to this new way of life:COVID has made people exposed to a new way of life. It gets filled with its challenges and fears. It has created tension in the minds of the people. Hence it may have a direct impact on the hearty and the overall health of a person. Marcus Debaisesuggests that you must get accustomed to the new way of life without hesitation. You will have to continue your daily chores with precaution as far as possible. It will ensure your engagement with the usual way of life. Try to get medical help when needed as it will be beneficial for you. Get involved in activities during the pandemic.
  • Telemedicine:They are the new options that are now available to you. You can make the use of it over the phone calls. Use video chats to get in touch with your doctor. They can prescribe you medicines based upon the symptoms that you tell them and try to be precise and to the point while communicating your problem. Tell the doctor if you are taking some medicines regularly. It can help you to keep yourself healthy.
  • Continue your medication:You should never stop your medicines without the direction of your doctor. It would be best if you continued them as prescribed by the doctor. It would be best if you did not get disturbed with the news that you see on the television. Try to get accustomed to it. Try to stay as positive as possible in difficult times. It will help you to manage your blood pressure. Hence your risk of heart disease will get reduced.

Healthy lifestyle habits

It is essential to cultivate healthy lifestyle habits. It will help you to fight your boredom and the associated risks.Marcus Debaisesays that eating healthy, exercise, rest, and communication with doctors, monitoring blood pressure are all essential habits that can ensure good health during the pandemic. It will help you to get used to a new way of life. Healthy habits have a direct impact on your health. They can help you to fight with diseases and also build your immunity.

Hence they are the most significant steps that necessary to stay fit and healthy in the pandemic. They can help you to cope up with the situation and get you going even amidst a crisis.


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