Bihormonal iLet Home Trial Bionic Pancreas for T1D

Beta Bionics announced a pivotal bihormonal iLet home trial using both dasiglucagon and insulin in the aforementioned bionic pancreas. The iLet (dual-hormone pump system) designed to autonomously deliver insulin and dasiglucagon. The bionic pancreas offers people with type 1 diabetes, safer and easier blood sugar control. Therefore, better long-term management and outcomes are possible as well.

What is Dasiglucagon

According to Zealand Pharma, dasiglucagon is an analog of human glucagon which is stable in aqueous formulation. Therefore, used for the treatment of type 1 diabetes in a dual-hormone artificial pancreas pump containing insulin and glucagon. Glucagon works to raise the concentration of glucose and fatty acids in the bloodstream.

Read the full press release on the bihormonal iLet home trial by Beta Bionics here! More iLet news!


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