Does Coffee Affect Diabetes?

Coffee is a people’s drink that is enjoyed by almost everyone. Most people, and Americans especially, get their daily dose of caffeine from coffee almost every day. Whereas it is normal for a healthy person ​to drink 2-3 cups of coffee daily – regular or decaf. It’s not so normal for someone with diabetes, therefore, let’s try and answer the question, does coffee affect diabetes?

There exists a lot of confusion and contradictory studies for advantages and disadvantages of coffee, whether it’s healthy or not. Although there are a lot of articles regarding the benefits of drinking coffee, there also exist certain disadvantages regarding its consumption for someone who has diabetes.

Is coffee bad for people with diabetes?

Type-2 diabetes sufferers should refrain from having coffee because it will cause blood sugar levels to increase. Doctors advise on staying away from coffee if you have diabetes; caffeine can lower your insulin sensitivity, and coffee is one of the major sources of caffeine, making it disadvantageous for a person with type 2 diabetes​.

However, some research also suggests that coffee consumption may lower a person’s risk of developing a type-2 diabetes condition. But if you already have diabetes, it is best to avoid caffeine in any form.

Usually, caffeine reacts differently to people who have type-2 diabetes. A person with diabetes who is a regular coffee drinker and later developed diabetes may not be affected too much by ​drinking coffee.​ The effect also depends on the age of a person and their weight.

How does coffee affect diabetes?

As mentioned, caffeine increases the blood sugar levels of a diabetic and lowers insulin sensitivity. In type-2 diabetes, a person’s body is unable to absorb insulin properly. Added to this, because of caffeine, their cells do not respond to the insulin hormone as an average body does. Due to this, the body generates more insulin, and this leads to increased blood sugar levels, which may cause heart problems over time.

Can a person with diabetes still drink coffee?

You can still drink coffee if you have diabetes by switching to decaf options instead of regular. Even as little as 200 milligrams of coffee can affect your blood sugar levels,​ which are around 1-2 cups of coffee. Your body may tolerate more or even lesser amounts than this, so it is always advisable to check with your healthcare professional.

Bottom Line:

I hope this article would have been helpful with your confusion regarding coffee and its effect on diabetes. Whenever in doubt, have a cup of coffee and refresh your mindhave a cup of coffee and refresh your mind. Remember only a cup, not too many cups.


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