3 Simple Ways to Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious condition that damages the body’s ability to process blood sugar. There are three major types of diabetes: Type 1 (t1d), Type 2 (t2d), and gestational diabetes, with t2d being the most common. Let’s go over 3 simple ways to prevent diabetes before it begins.


Prediabetes is where the levels of blood sugar are abnormally high but lower than the threshold of diabetes. According to statistics, at least 5% of people with prediabetes will pass that threshold.

A study from 2012 reported that 50% of Americans are either diabetic or prediabetic. Another reports that one in three adults in England has prediabetes.

You should do the A1C Test, which shows you if you have diabetes or not. Checkout thisA1CGUIDEfor more information related to a1c test and diabetes articles.

What are the causes of diabetes?

The risk factors for type two diabetes and prediabetes are:

  • History of diabetes in the family
  • Having a high blood pressure
  • Being overweight
  • Being over 50 years old
  • Having a sedentary lifestyle

Although there are certain factors that you can’t change, such as your genes, you can take some actions to reduce the risk of getting diabetes.

Here are 3 simple ways to prevent diabetes:

  1. Work out regularly: Insulin is a hormone that is responsible for allowing glucose in the blood to enter cells.Exercise increases insulin sensitivity in your cells. This means that if you do some exercise on a daily basis, you require less insulin to keep your sugar levels under control. Choose a physical activity that you like and stick to it on a long-term basis.
  2. Drink water: sugary drinks like soda are linked to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes.Water is a natural beverage that doesn’t contain any sugar or unnecessary calories, so drinking water may help control blood sugar, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes.
  3. Reduce the consumption of refined carbs: Consuming too many refined carbs is another habit linked to diabetes. Eating junk food regularly is a gold pathway to sickness.

Always try to eat healthy. Incorporate as many fruits & vegetables in your diet as you can and reduce salt, sugar, and oil consumption.

You can use many different ways to prevent diabetes, but the ones listed above can serve as a solid base.

The bottom line is that you have a lot of control over what you can do to prevent diabetes. Eat as healthy as possible, develop habits that promote a healthy body, and have many more chances to avoid diabetes.


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