Temperature Check: Taking Stock of the Pandemic

The coronavirus has exploded around the world, “The Pandemic“. And while many of us were thinking in February that it would be a passing concern, the virus has now taken over our entire way of life. With the majority of Americans still under stay-at-home orders, this new normal doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon.

In the meantime, while we eagerly wait for a sense of true normalcy, everyone is more hygiene-conscious than before and doing our best to stay reasonably up to date on the constant fluctuations around the country and the globe. However, if you’ve been trying to avoid news overload, we hope these resources (presented by Diabetes in the Know) can help answer any current pressing questions.

What Does Coronavirus Look Like in the U.S. Now?

Every day is a little different, but with more testing every day, the number of cases continues to increase. Many Americans are starting to see an easing of restrictions, but caution is still being urged.

Latest COVID-19 Case Counts / Stats
Places You’re Expected to Wear a Covering

Where Did Coronavirus and Other Viruses Come From?

There are different theories on where the virus originated, and many people question whether it’s worse than the flu. One theory, is that it came from the Wuhan Lab in China, which is a possibility but still under investigation.

Where Did the New Coronavirus Come From?
How Does Coronavirus Differ From the Flu?
Can Antibiotics Treat Coronavirus?

How Can I Prevent Transmission?

Lowering your risk of contracting coronavirus comes down to hand washing, limiting interaction with people outside your home, and cleaning on a regular basis. Here are a few resources that can help you prevent transmission and banish germs.

Is 6 Feet Apart Far Enough?
How to Stay Safe at Food Stores During Coronavirus Outbreak
Home Cleaning Tips

The pandemic is proving to be a true test of the people, furthermore, taking it one day at a time can be the best approach. Since there’s no end to this current situation, stick to what you know about staying safe, keeping your home clean, maintaining distance, relieving stress and getting the right information.