Should Diabetics Use Cod Liver Oil Supplements?

It’s January and very cold here in the northeast. Acclimating to the colder temperatures can be a challenging process in the beginning of the winter season. I find that supplementation becomes more important during this time of the year. Recently I started supplementing cod liver oil. Cod liver oil is an incredibly nutritious fish oil supplement. Rich in fatty acids and Vitamin A and D, cod liver oil is a whole food nutrient. When supplementing, it is beneficial to consume whole food to help improve the balance of nutrients occurring naturally. Almost immediately, I noticed I had more resilience to the cold temperatures, I had more energy and my skin looked better.

What is cod liver oil?

Cod Liver oil is the oil that is extracted from the livers of fish. It is an ancestral food. Ancestral foods are unprocessed whole food consumed by our direct ancestors. Basically eating what your grand parents and great grandparents ate. In the 1920’s children were given cod liver oil to treat vitamin D deficiency.

It is beneficial to supplement Vitamin D and A in colder months when the sun is less prevalent. Cold weather can affect diabetics ability to regulate blood glucose. The cold weather can also affect food choices, mental health and make exercise more challenging.

Many factors can contribute to being cold, however, could this be from Vitamin A and D deficiency?

Vitamin A’s role in the body is very important. One of the important fat soluble vitamins (ADEK) it assists in forming and maintaining the health of teeth, bones, skin and eyes. Immune function, cellular communication and reproduction all benefit from Vitamin A intake.

Vitamin A comes in two forms, retinol and beta carotene

Vitamin A as retinol is found in animal products such as milk, beef liver and eggs. Beta carotene (as Vitamin A) is found mostly in plant products such as carrots and yams. Vitamin A as retinol is utilized more efficiently in the body.

Retinol in whole food form is better to supplement, meaning, you must eat the foods that contain retinol.

Cod liver oil comes in pill form and in liquid form. The company I am currently using is Rosita.

Whether or not my resilience to the cold is from Cod Liver Oil, it is a beneficial whole food supplement that targets many important nutrients needed by the body. Anything to make the winters in the northeast better!


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