Start Quarantine Days with Healthy FATS

Today starts week 2 of the Coronavirus Covid_19 crisis, therefore it’s important to start quarantine days with healthy fats.

During this temporary shut down of life, regular exercise and good nutrition are still a priority for me. In my house we are doing what we can to slow the spread by staying in the house. Except for dog walks and grocery store trips we are hunkered down. As Americans it is what we can do to help the country through this crisis.

My reaction to a “loss of control” has always been to focus my attention to these areas. (nutrition and exercise)

Both factors I am able to control, and make me feel stronger and better at handling stress. Specifically this week I have started my days with some healthy fats. Doing this one thing has allowed me to control my blood sugar for the day. By starting the day with fats minimizes the desire to “graze” in the kitchen, I find have more control over my food choices for the rest of the day and crave sweets less. Its a simple, easy and effective way to slow the weight gain from being quarantined in the house during the Covid_19 quarantine. I am a true believer in keeping things simply and sticking to basics with nutrition and exercise. Below is a list of breakfasts to give you suggestions. Feel free to be adventurous and try new things.

We posted a great article on butter coffee with the recipe and its benefits, this week I have started everyday with either sunflower seeds and cheese or guacamole. I put as much gaucamole on each tortilla chip as possible so I eat less of those. Stay strong and God Bless America!

Other meal ideas to start quarantine days with healthy fats:

  • hummus and vegetables
  • salmon and cream cheese on toast
  • sunflower seeds and serving of cheese
  • sliced avocado with lemon salt and pepper
    guacamole eat with a few tortilla chips
  • low sugar peanut butter and fruit
  • serving of walnuts and cheese
  • hard boiled egg and serving of cheese
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