Seven Easy Lifestyle Modifications to Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes is spreading worldwide at high rates. 7 out of 10 people are diabetic patients with either type 1 or type 2. But still under developed countries are struggling to control its higher spreading rates. Countries with low to moderate literacy rates have far more diabetic patient’s ratio in contrast to countries with high literacy rates. As we all know that it is the era of technology and advanced medications, people choose to take various medicines rather than change their spoiled lifestyles in fact they don’t have time to take a look at lifestyle modifications.

I will give you seven ways by which we can fight against this fast-spreading disease and the most amazing thing is that we can fight against diabetes without investing our money in purchasing various medicines. Making some easy lifestyle modifications can prevent diabetes while offering huge health benefits.


Some diabetic patients use to take no to less sugar oriented foods in their diet but still their sugar level show at high range. The reason behind this gradually increasing rate is that they don’t cut down their carbohydrates. Or we can say that unconsciously they continue taking sugar-oriented foods like potato, white flour bread, canned foods, artificial colors and flavors, fried snacks, rice etc. I will share with you five amazing ways to cut down carbohydrates by which you can control your sugar levels.

  • Take fruits or dry fruits as a snack or as a craving satisfaction.
  • Replace white flour bread with whole wheat bread.
  • Instead of taking flavored drinks use fresh lemon, mint leaves, berry leaves, or any citrus fruit extracts in your drink.
  • Use brown rice instead of white traditional rice.
  • Use skimmed milk instead of dairy milk.


To beat diabetes without using medicines and insulin we must have to adopt a perfect diet plan. The diabetic patient should make a diet chart with the help of their doctor or any good nutritionist. Only escape sugar in foods is not a good idea, otherwise, sugar levels can also get low which can be life-threatening. According to WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, women should take not more than 30 to 45 gems protein and men should take not more than 45 to 60 gems protein otherwise by taking more protein kidney problems can occur. Diabetic patients cut down their carbs and use more protein-oriented foods which lead to kidney failure.


The most common problem with diabetic patients is that they find it difficult to control their weight. A diabetic patient can be overweight or underweight, in both circumstances it is advised to maintain weight at perfect levels about height and age. Butter can be replaced by peanut butter, unsaturated fats are better than saturated ones so apply these small lifestyle modifications and get remarkable outcomes.


Drinking plenty of water is necessary to stay hydrated and for one’s good health. And for diabetic patients or patients who are at higher risk of getting diabetes must drink 14 to 15 glasses of water daily to maintain insulin levels and to excrete out waste products and toxins from the body easily.


It is being recommended for diabetic patients to avoid stress in their life. Take enough sleep of 8 to 9 hours is necessary to maintain sugar levels. High blood pressure due to stress can certainly lead to high Glucose levels and can result in heart failure, kidney failure etc. Try to relax at the workplace don’t burden yourself. Solve each problem. Say goodbye to stressful events and gossips. I bet you will achieve your desired results. Physical stress and mental stress both can be handle by spending luxurious time with family, close friends. It is being advised to spend leisure time with family and friends so that our mind can relax.


Eat junk foods once a week at weekends and call it a cheat day can take you towards disaster. Junk foods are poison for diabetic patients. Even when you are following the best diabetic control program, walking daily for 150 minutes but all in vain when you are eating junk food. It wastes all your efforts within minutes. Junk foods are mostly oily and soggy so they dehydrate the body as well and increase the toxin levels.


To get desired glucose levels it is necessary to get rid of alcoholic products. Alcohol is dangerous for diabetic patients as already their insulin levels are not in the right figures and on the other hand by utilizing alcohol can affect vital organs of the body conveniently. Alcohol disturbs the mental levels of a person as well as leading to death. It is being researched so far that the death ratio of alcoholic patients is more than nonalcoholic patients. Diabetic patients are at higher risk of organ failure and if they are alcoholic as well then their life span graph falls downwards daily.

By adopting these seven lifestyle modifications to prevent diabetes you can live a healthy life with the determination to achieve your desired ambitions. Otherwise, diabetes can swallow the aim, motivation, determination, and other wonderful aspects of life. We get life once so it is our decision how we want to live it.

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