Clothing Can Boost Wellbeing for People with Diabetes

The lifetime risk of people with diabetesto develop a foot ulceris 34% and over half of these ulcers become infected. In the case of diabetic foot, a person’s choice of socks is vital. For instance, socks made with a synthetic yarn called Celliant, can actually promote quicker wound healing. Furthermore, it can help the body regulate its temperature, and increase blood oxygen levels. Cotton socks are also recommended because they wick away moisture, thereby keeping feet dry on hot days and during exercise. Also ideal are non-elastic, seamless socks, which help prevent constriction. Some socks even have extra padding to protect skin against wounds and blisters. Of course, socks are only one of many items of clothing that diabetics can use toenjoy better health and wellbeing. The following are just a few additional items you may consider to boost wellbeing for diabetes.

Clothing with Dedicated Pockets for Pumps

Diabetics who useinsulin pumps and other devicescan benefit from shirts and other clothing items that have wrap-around openings where these items can be kept. Carrying one’s pump in clothing with pockets permits people to leave their pump case at home, thereby increasing practicality. Choose breathablematerials like cotton for T-shirts, shorts, pants, and other items. There are many different types of cotton — including combed, organic, and Pima cotton. The latter is particularly ideal if you have sensitive skin because it is ultra-soft thanks to its extra-long fibers.

Well-Fitting Shoes

In order to reduce the likelihood of sores and blisters, investing in quality shoes can help. Example, (not too tight or too loose). Choose shoes that are lightweight and have extra cushioning, with plenty of room for toes to wiggle around. This will help promote good circulation. Some footwear brands create dedicated diabetic shoes with adjustable Velcro designs. The latter enables wearers to adjust the fit, which can help on days when feet swell up.

Trendy, Useful Accessories

Brands like Hid-In are renowned for making a host of different body bands you can wear around your waist, hips or thighs. Discreet and easy to carry around, they are specifically made to house pumps and insulin tables. The company also makes a host of additional accessories that boast chic, trendy fabrics such as faux zebra and polka-dotted prints. Some bags boast cute anime style animal shapes or seasonal/festive designs that are fun to show off and coordinate with other accessories. You can also have customized pieces made for you by providing the company with an underwear set you like and an extra panty or vest. They will cut out material from the latter and make a body bandthat matches your lingerie set.

People with diabetes have access to a wide array of socks, clothing, and accessories that make daily life easier. These include comfy cotton socks with extra cushioning and no seams. Also popular are clothing and accessories with zips or pockets that make the perfect place to store pumps and other necessary equipment. Hope you enjoyed this article; clothing can boost wellbeing for diabetes.


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