Get A Tattoo Instead of Needle Pricks for Diabetics

Tattoo for diabetics

Tattoo Blood Sugar Monitor

Here’s a potential game-changer for diabetics to end needle pricks to test their blood sugar level and it comes in a tattoo.

It’s actually a temporary tattoo that consists of patterned electrodes that send a mild electrical current into the skin for 10 minutes which forces ions carrying glucose molecules to the surface. The electrodes measure the strength of the glucose molecules’ electrical charge to determine a patients’ blood glucose level. A big advantage is it needs only 1% the amount of glucose a traditional needle-prick test needs to be accurate.

Early studies of this were tested on 14 individuals who had no prior history of diabetes. Other than mild tingling that occurred within the first 10 sec of the test, there was no adverse side effects or discomfort during the study.

Source: No more needle pricks!