Single Leg Plank Variation on Park Bench

The single leg plank variation strengthens the core and stretches the hips. Exercises that combat seated posture are important to reverse the postural imbalances in the body from sitting all day. Sitting too much at work weakens and tightens the muscles of the legs, glutes and hips. The glutes are the most important driver in walking and proper standing. Sitting inhibits glute activity. When the glutes do not properly activate we lose the ability to stand up straight and walk with proper muscle activation. This causes problems with waking, while excess strain on the low back and loss of mobility in the lower body.

How to do Single Leg Plank Variations

  • Push the hips down in line with the shoulders (do not let your back sag or sink to the floor).
  • Squeeze your glutes by driving feet into the ground.
  • Alternate knees toward chest or elbows.
  • Focus on squeezing the glute of the straight leg.
  • Exhale as the knee comes into the chest.
  • Start slow, however, work towards 3 sets of 20 knees to chest!

Video Demonstration of the SLPV

Watch Tracy demonstrate the SLPV.

This exercise is simple, effective, and can be done on a park bench, however, if you are stuck inside, a chair also works. If you are dealing with a condition such as diabetes and want to increase your stamina, this is a great little workout.

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