Diabetes Prevention: How to control it?

Millions of people have been affected by type 2 diabetes which is concerning. Diabetes is common in people, and it is primarily genetic. At the same time, it is nearly impossible to avoid genetic diseases. However, you can take some measures for diabetes prevention. Diabetes is a severe condition that can lead to different diseases such as heart failure, kidney failure, blindness, and other health issues. 70% of the people in the world are pre-diabetic. If you take care of yourself in the prediabetic stage, it never converts into something serious. Proper medication and disciplining yourself is crucial to prevent or control diabetes.

How to Prevent and Control Type 2 Diabetes?

It is a horrible feeling of living with a healthcare disease and being on a stable outlook for yourself. If you have Type-2 diabetes, then any kind of ignorance can lead to deadly situations. We suggest prioritizing your healthcare if you want to lead a happy life.

Here is what you can do to prevent and control diabetes:

  1. Cut down of unhealthy foods

If you want to lead a happy and healthy life, then maintaining a good lifestyle is essential. If you overeat carb and sugar, then you are jumping into the dark hole yourself. Cut down sugar and lessen the number of carbs you have per day to keep type-2 diabetes at bay. Try to replace sugar with sweet fruits and carbs with greens or protein for better blood sugar control.

  1. Keep hustling

Do not stop exercising or maintaining a healthy diet if you want to keep diabetes at bay. It is crucial to ensure that you are limiting bad foods and focusing on moving your body. It is essential to keep yourself engaged in physical activity and move every part of your body. Sweating and burning calories are crucial to keep your heart function healthy. Exercise also helps to keep your type-2 diabetes in control and makes you feel good internally.

  1. Quit smoking

We all know smoking is harmful to health, but most people still smoke. If you have diabetes, then you must adopt healthy habits. It’s never too late to leave your smoking addiction and make healthier life choices. The risk of diabetes is lower in people who do not smoke; hence, keep this in mind if you have genetic diabetes.


Diabetes is a stubborn disease that does not go away quickly making diabetes prevention more difficult. However, you can prevent it by adopting a healthier lifestyle. Always try to keep your health first and let the rest of the things follow.

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