Art of Reflexology – Benefits for Your Health

If you have plans to book yourself a quick reflexology treatment, your mind might be rushing in with a series of questions. One should never avail of any service without knowing the nits and bits associated with the same. What exactly defines reflexology? How does the art of reflexology benefit you? Does it simply mean foot massage?

Well, before you head on for thatarthritis foot massager, there is a lot that you need to know and understand. This article will discuss more on this foot treatment with the basics covered to have a great experience in your session.

What defines reflexology?

When we talk about reflexology, it is a technique where a trained professional applies pressure to specific points on your foot. Now, these reflex points correspond perfectly to certain areas and organs of the human body. This particular treatment tends to provide an uplifting and healing response. It also alleviates certain ailments.

During a reflexology treatment, you’ll experience pushing deeper into your arch, pulling the toes, and kneading the fleshy part of the foot. You’ll notice your reflexologist using a chart while giving you a massage. The chart is a foot map that shows specific areas that trigger relaxation for specific parts of the human body. Apart from the foot area, the professionals sometimes work over the ears or hands to deliver relaxation.

Undoubtedly a popular massage form is reflexology, integrated to provide treatment that goes way deeper than the simple feel-good effect. In case you cannot go to a professional massager, you can try theneuropathy foot massageror circulation foot massager for a great experience at home.

Difference between foot massage and reflexology

You might find both the treatments to be alike, but let us tell you that are several key differences between them. Even though both are quite beneficial, you should know what you should expect from both individual treatments.

It aims to manipulate tissues for relaxing muscles, improve circulation, and relieve tension when it comes to massage therapy. Overall, this is beneficial for the well-being and health of a person. Doctors often advise using afoot massager for people with diabetes as it calms down the muscles.

Meanwhile, reflexology involves massaging pressure-point, targeted areas to restore the energy flow all across the body. Usually, the treatment is confined to the foot region; however, it also extends to ears and hands.

Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology is so effective that it can address any issue, starting from sinus and headaches to stomach problems. The final result is achieved by repeated manipulation of the delicate nerve endings. Here, we’ve clearly listed some of the benefits of reflexology treatment.

  • Improved circulation:It’s proven that reflexology induces better circulation of oxygen and blood throughout the body. When more oxygen is supplied to the organs, their performance is optimized, increasing the metabolism. Not merely that, it also facilitates faster recovery of damaged cells.
  • Better Nerve Function:As we grow old, our body’s nerve endings start to lose sensation. A reflexology treatment will stimulate around 7000 nerve endings and increase their function and reactivity after only one session. People who can’t access reflexology treatments because of COVID-19 restrictions can use acirculation foot massagerat home.
  • Enhance energy level:As said above, reflexology boosts metabolism and increases the energy-producing process. In turn, this helps a person to bid goodbye to their sleepy, sluggish state and get back their power and energy.
  • Removes toxins:Yet another positive effect of reflexology is that it cleanses the bladder and reduces all urinary tract problems. This signifies that your body will become better at eliminating foreign substances and toxins, which will protect your body from several conditions and diseases that usually arise because of urinary problems.
  • Reduced Headaches:Migraines and headaches are common among today’s generation, and everybody is seeking a way out of it. Reflexology also tends to these muscle tensions that have built up. Apart from tensed muscles, headaches are also the result of stress. Getting a reflexology treatment will lower the frequency of headaches you get by curbing the problem from the root.

All about the art of reflexology session

Typically, the reflexology session lasts for around 30 minutes. However, in some cases, it might last for an hour. Before the session begins, you should make sure to express all your issues and concerns to your reflexologist freely. Let them know why you’re seeking reflexology treatment. Whether it’s for tension headaches, insomnia, or constipation, the reflexologist should be aware of everything.

When the session begins, you’ll be asked to lie or sit and cover you with a cloth piece. The reflexologist will then start rubbing, pressing, and squeezing the major point of your feet. To alleviate ailments, the therapist will emphasize certain points of the feet. For instance, if you’ve sinus issues, more focus will be put on the toes. Similarly, if the entire foot is the centre of attention, then it’s for strengthening everything, from head to toe, in your body. As a result, there is an art of reflexology therapy.


Are you suffering from diabetes, and it’s giving your feet a tough time, including foot ulcers? Well, then all you need to do is find thebest foot massager for people with diabetes. Apart from that, you can also seek an experienced reflexologist to do wonder on your feet. Reflexology has come a long way since its invention. Initially, people were hesitant to try this out as there was no proof about its effectiveness. However, now the art of reflexology is spreading like wildfire all across the world. Physicians have been using it for generations to get appropriate results. What’s stopping you from having your muscles and body relaxed? Contact your nearest reflexologist right away and get what’s best for you!


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