Can Diabetes Affect a Man Sexually & What to Do About it?

It’s time to normalize discussing sexual health problems. They need to be diagnosed and treated like any other health issue. One such vital topic is “how does diabetes affect a man sexually.” A man with diabetes may go through multiple sexual health issues like erectile dysfunction and urinary tract infection, not understanding that diabetes can be a factor behind all this.

Read this article to understand how diabetes and sex drive are interconnected. Also, learn how to prevent diabetes from adversely affecting your sex life.

3 Sexual Health Problems Aggravated by Diabetes

Here are the 3 most common sexual health problems that occur or get aggravated due to diabetes. The following information will help you prevent or at least manage these issues.

  1. Thrush

Male thrush is an uncommon but not an impossible scenario. And a male with high sugar levels is at more risk of getting them. Why so? This is because the thrush-causing bacteria thrives on the sugar that runs in your urine. The primary symptom of male thrush is a sore and itchy tip of the penis or white patches. Your foreskin can also get irritated.

You can avoid male thrush by managing your sugar levels and keeping your private parts clean and dry. Wearing loose underwear and pants also helps.

  1. Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Urinary tracts are the tubes that connect the kidney to your bladder. The infection in these tubes happens because of multiple reasons, including unprotected sex. But UTI is not categorized as a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD). The high sugar in your urine provides a breeding ground for the bacteria which cause UTIs. Otherwise, it’s rare for a man to get UTI.

You can identify UTI by symptoms such as feeling confused and restless combined with sickness, chills, and pain. Drink a lot of water, and don’t hold on to your pee to avoid getting UTI. Also, keep your sugar levels in check.

  1. Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Diabetes and erectile dysfunction are deeply connected. Diabetic men are found to have this condition. If you have diabetes and notice your morning erections are disappearing, it can be the first sign of ED. Type 2 diabetes causes erectile dysfunction as it is often responsible for reduced blood flow, damaged blood vessels, and damaged nerves.

The possible treatment options for ED include pills like Viagra, therapy, counselling, and regulating your sugar levels. If you are a man with diabetes and sexual dysfunction, don’t shy away from seeking proper advice and treatment. It’s a common sexual health problem that is manageable and treatable.

Healthy Habits to Manage Sexual Problems

You don’t need to live in a depressed state of mind because of a sexual health issue like ED. Treat it like any other disease and seek ways to manage it in a way that least affects your life. Here are some valuable suggestions.

  • Exercise regularly and eat healthily. Take adequate rest and sleep for 8 hours. These healthy lifestyle changes will affect the overall quality of your life, including your sex life.
  • Experts believe that high sugar levels may affect your libido. It also encourages bacteria in your system, causing infections like UTIs. So follow all the healthy practices, medication, and dietary instructions required to keep your diabetes in control.
  • Blood sugar can lower your sensations by hampering the blood flow to your penis. You can improve the sensation in your genitals with the help of sex toys and ice.
  • You can’t enjoy sex when you are tired. Leverage the time when you are most energetic, like morning time for having sex with your partner.
  • Take time to get in the mood. You can’t possibly have an erection when you return from the office or complete housework. For instance, indulge in activities like a nice bath, dressing up, going out for dinner, etc., to refresh your mind before establishing sexual contact with your partner.
  • Resolve all your relationship problems as they significantly hamper mutually enjoyable sex.
  • You can minimize the risk of UTI by emptying your bladder before making love.
  • Experiment with your sexual positions, locations, and stimulant. Trying something new can often help you to have a good erection.
  • Maintaining hygiene of your genitals and wearing clean and loose underpants and pants are non-negotiable to keep your private parts free of bacteria and infections.

Final thoughts

Sexual problems such as male thrush, UTI, and erectile dysfunction affect many people with diabetes. You can freely seek medical and psychological help to have good sex despite diabetes or other lifestyle ailments. The information and tips given here go a long way to help you manage your diabetes and sex drive. Hopefully this article answered your questions, “can diabetes affect a man sexually?”

Krishma Patel

Krishma Patel is the Co-founder and the Superintendent Pharmacist at MedsNow, an online pharmacy in the UK that provides health and wellness products and treatments along with free online consultations. She is passionate about showcasing the integral function community pharmacies can play in supporting the healthcare system and the NHS by providing patients with high quality, safe and discreet access to healthcare at their convenience. Along with being the co-founder of MedsNow, Krishma is also the Director and the Superintendent Pharmacist of Enimed Ltd., an independent pharmacy group comprising 32 branches.

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