Why are you not getting results when trying to lose weight?

Having a perfect body shape is a dream of many. The first thing we think of after watching any movie, or reading a fashion magazine, and exploring social media looking at all those models is having a desire to get the same physique as theirs. But how many of us actually work on those thoughts? Since we all know that action speaks louder than words, which is true indeed, we should start working on something that we really want. However, some of us even make a lot of efforts to shed extra pounds/kilos while trying to lose weight. We modify our diet, follow a workout routine, and whatnot. But, we still do not often end up seeing the results we wished for.

Here are some factors which are not letting you see the results in your fitness journey.Even if you are falling for one of them, you need to stop and restart!

Relying on Motivation over Consistency

How many of us look for some source of motivation to work out each and every day? Maybe we like watching our favorite actor working out or an athlete or maybe a friend before getting vibes to hit the gym.

This kind of approach might work for you but will definitely do in a short term. Being dependent on looking for some sort of motivation will never help you keep going in the long term to stay fit. Rather than motivation, it is always better to make fitness a mandatory part of our lifestyle just like how we brush our teeth every day, take a bath, eat food, etc.

This will help you build consistency and discipline which is going to give you the results, no matter what. Setting a schedule to work out at a particular time and following a diet routine should be a part of a regular day.

Lack of Knowledge

When it comes to losing fat or having a goal to achieve a particular body type, there is always a scientific approach that needs to be followed along. For example: to lose weight, we need to follow an approach called calorie deficit and set our diet accordingly consisting of a desired portion of carbs, protein, fats, and other nutrients. It is always essential to have a health and wellness plan that will guide you all along the way.

Apart from this, there are other factors that need to be taken care of when setting up a diet plan, workout plan, and overall lifestyle that suits you, when trying to lose weight. Otherwise, you will end up getting frustrated with some worthless efforts which will give no results at the same time.

Try consulting a professional fitness trainer for better guidance or educate yourself through genuine studies/researches via the internet, books, other sources to enhance your knowledge.

Unsustainable Approaches & Shortcuts

Drink lemon water with honey to lose fat, drink green tea to lose fat, consume garcinia Cambogia to shed extra weight, follow a keto/detox/paleo diet to lose weight. Undoubtedly, we all have come across such trending approaches to lose weight and have applied those on ourselves too. It is important to note that there is no magical food, drink, or any remedy which can make us lose weight alone.

Instead of looking for magical shortcuts, try creating magic for your whole lifestyle. This can be done by making improvements to your whole diet, staying active, sleeping better, etc. For example, Drinking lemon water will not make you lose fat if you consume a cheese burst pizza right after, or drinking green tea will not help you get fit if you’re sitting on the couch the entire day.

However, you should replace green tea with your regular tea to avoid extra calories from sugar and milk. This will help you contribute to an overall calorie deficit in the diet and when you are working out consistently along.

Secondly, the kind of diet you follow should never be the same as another person’s diet. If anyone is following a keto diet and lost fat, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is going to help you as well. If you have been eating carbs your whole life, the keto diet is not going to work for you in a long term and you will give up.

The kind of diet we follow should suit our own lifestyle according to our customization which is easy to follow in the long term. After all, it is all about control on portion size, no matter what kind of diet you follow to lose weight. A diet is supposed to be nutritious, sustainable, and suits your needs.

Lack of Patience

We all know that anything which is worth having requires dedication, time, action & most importantly, PATIENCE. In a lot of cases, even before starting with our fitness journey, a lot of us set some unrealistic goals like a timeline to lose a fixed amount of weight.

Like 10 kilos in a month or whatnot. When we do not accomplish the same, we give up and switch back to the same lifestyle. Instead of giving up, imagine if you worked on your fitness levels the whole life starting from today, what results could you get?

You’d be in shape, even strong and athletic too at the same time. Incredible, right? That’s what patience and discipline do. Do not expect to get fit in no time when you have been living an unhealthy lifestyle for long. Give it time.

It’s not just Weight when losing fat

There are a lot of ways through which you can track your progress apart from just WEIGHT to see the results. Sometimes, the weighing machine would not make us feel happy or satisfied that’s because our weight keeps fluctuating again and again due to many factors. It is better to keep track of pictures and inches as well.

Apart from that, look how fitness has been making you feel mentally happier, strong, and confident. Look how your skin and hair quality has been improving with a healthy diet. Look how it has been doing wonders to your immunity and keeping you away from diseases! That’s how fitness helps(jump rope) and it is worth making a part of our lifestyle!

Stay healthy, Stay Fit.

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