How to Reverse Diabetes with the Keto Diet?

If you have diabetes and you are looking for a cure, you might have heard that there is no cure. However, you can find a way to manage your diabetes with a good enough diet, daily exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. The keto diet is an excellent choice, and can help reverse diabetes.

Overall better physical activity and keeping an eye on what you eat are very important. Since diabetes means you need to keep an eye on the sugar intake, most people instantly cut the carbs supply because they do not want to increase their sugar intake.

This means you have to rely heavily on a protein-rich diet that will help you reduce your weight and fat ratio in the body. One of the most widely recommended diets in this regard is the keto diet.

What is The Keto Diet and What to Add in Your Diet?

The Keto diet is a low carb, high protein diet, and fiber that helps you limit your carbs intake. You aim to bring down the overall carbs intake to 55 only. You also need to keep in mind that since your diet will mainly consist of protein, it will have at least 75 % fat and 20 % protein. However, you are not going to use saturated fats.

When you restrict the carbs intake, your body will switch to using and burning fat just to fuel the body. This is where the body will enter ketosis. A process where you limit the carbs so the body has to rely heavily on the aft for energy generation.

Most people think that this is the best cure for diabetes type 2. Mainly because your logic dictates that consuming glucose of sugar will bring up the blood sugar level-so it is better to cut down carbs intake.

Does it Cure or Reverse Diabetes?

Journal of nutrition and diabetes has reported that most diabetes type patients have reported improvement in their blood sugar when they try a keto diet. However, this will only help in reducing the effect and improving your overall health.

If you think the keto diet will cure you or reverse diabetes altogether, you might have to reconsider. Diabetes has no permanent cure, most people have diabetes in their genes, others develop it over time when their body loses insulin sensitivity where sometimes people are unable to produce insulin altogether.

In case of reduced sensitivity, physical activity will work. You will see improvement in overall health.

Bottom Line

The Keto diet is great for the body as it helps in bringing down the fat content in the body. Another important thing is that it is very helpful in maintaining good blood cholesterol and sugar levels. However, curing diabetes altogether is not possible.

If you want to improve your quality of life, the keto diet is great. It will help you stay active as well as keep you energized throughout the day. Since the carbs level is low, you will not have to face high sugar levels in the body. All in all, this is a great option for healthy living.

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