5 Ways To Relieve Stress If You Have Diabetes

Stress is a part of life, but it can hamper your overall well-being, both physically and mentally, when it becomes chronic. If you are dealing with diabetes, stress can make it difficult to control your blood glucose level. Unfortunately, stress can increase the odds of developing serious complications like infections, heart and blood vessel diseases. This can get worse and weaken your immune system. Therefore, it is important to learn about stress management, and ways to relieve stress for diabetics.

Lets discuss five ways to relieve stress when dealing with diabetes.

  1. Meditation

Meditation is one of the best ways to manage stress when dealing with any health condition. It helps to clear the mind and become insightful about the present moment. The practice can replace negative thoughts with good ones and help you relax.

All you have to do is start each day with 15-minute of meditation or any breathing technique. You can also include weed strains, such as Sativa weed, in your meditation regimen. The combination helps relieve stress, provide relaxation, and better sleep. But, it is always best to consult a doctor before incorporating an alternate therapy into your lifestyle.

  1. Spend Time in Nature

Being in nature can boost your mood in just a few minutes, even if you are not exercising. Spending time outside or living close to nature has significant health benefits. It can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, stress, and anxiety to a great extent.

If you find yourself in a stressful situation when dealing with diabetes, make a date with nature for just 20 minutes. The more regularly you go for a walk, the less stress you will be in. In turn, it improves your blood sugar levels.

  1. Exercise

Exercise is one of the best ways to cope with stress. Whether you choose to walk, run, hike, swim, or even practice yoga, any form is highly recommended for people struggling with stress. It is one of the most natural and powerful mood boosters.

We understand that exercise might seem to be the last activity when you are stressed. Finding time for exercise can work wonders and might be the best coping strategy to reduce stress. Moreover, exercise can lower blood glucose levels and counter insulin resistance.

  1. Talk to People

People with diabetes can very well understand much of the stress you are going through. You can spend time with them and ask them how to deal with stress-related diabetes and what works for them. However, your healthcare provider to make you join diabetes support groups.

You can also talk about your concerns with friends and family. Be honest about the stress you are dealing with. Sharing your thoughts will help you relieve some of the stress.

  1. Journaling

Journaling can help you redirect and refocus your thoughts. It helps identify stressful thought processes and behavior. Writing also helps improve physical health by relieving stress.

You can start by writing a gratitude journal and write down five things you’re grateful for in your life. Gratitude helps to count your blessings. It can instill a feeling of gratefulness and happiness.


All in all, stress can affect your blood glucose level and your overall health. One can integrate the ways mentioned above to help knock out the stress and practice self-care.


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