3 Quick Exercises to Boost Your Energy

Since most people have become lazy during this time of quarantine, let’s talk about 3 quick exercises to boost your energy.

The name of the game in health and fitness is exercise and nutrition. Nutrition is king and exercise is Queen, Both are so important. Now more than ever, daily movement is so important. We need movement each day to get blood and energy flowing and I have 3 quick exercises to boost your energy. This helps to elevate our mood and keep our immune system healthy to fight viruses. Covid 19 quarantine has us stuck in our homes sitting for most of the day. We need to move each day to combat seated posture. Too much sitting causes the glutes and upper back to become weak and the chest, shoulders and hips to become tight.

This easy exercise circuit helps to combat sitting with Squats , shoulder press and upper back stability.

  • Squats are a great functional lower body movement and the first of 3 quick exercises. They are a movement in which we do everyday. (Think sitting down into a chair and getting up out of that chair) Squats strengthen your glutes, core, quadriceps and hamstrings. Squat exercise will also open up your hips and get your heart rate elevated, therefore boosting your overall energy.
  • Overhead Shoulder press. We used a medium resistance band and did a rep range of 15-20 reps. A standard upper body strenghtening movement, the overhead shoulder press improves the strength and stability of the shoulder. This movement also helps to build bone density in the body and improve shoulder range of motion.
  • I Y shoulder stability movement with resistance band. This movement works the middle and lower traps as well as a muscle in the rotator cuff called the infraspinatus. These muscles are very important for stabilizing the scapula on the back. When these muscles are strong and scapula are in the correct alignment the shoulders move in alignment and minimize injury

Here is a short video of Tracy demonstrating these 3 easy exercises. It is important to do this exercise circuit daily, especially for people with diabetes.

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