Inverted Push Ups Regulate Blood Sugar

Memorial Day weekend ended up being actively productive, happy to report we were able to do inverted push ups along with 2 other exercises. 1 workout at the gym and 2 at the boardwalk. The boardwalk workouts consisted of 2 miles of power walking, park bench step ups and Inverted Push ups.

The picture & video included in this post show the inverted push-up. This is a great overall upper body strengthener and is easy to do. Remember when performing this exercise to keep looking at your feet, drop top of head towards the floor (not your chest).

Inverted Push UpsInverted Push Ups help regulate my blood sugar
Exercise Description:
*standing feet wider than hip width apart.
*Reach forward to ground walk arms forward until body is in an upside down V shape
*Let your head hang and look between your legs. Keep your eyes on your feet.
*Drop top of head toward floor and press back to start.
*Also remember to only bend your arms as much as you comfortably can.

Begin with 3 sets of 10 however, decrease if its too much for you. Once you get stronger you can bend your arms more.


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