Insulin Pump vs Injections, Protect Diabetics from Heart Disease

I found an interesting article, if diabetics should use an insulin pump vs daily injections for their diabetes therapy to protect against heart disease. Click Here to read the article.

Insulin Pump vs Injections

If you don’t know by now, I’m a type 1 diabetic currently using insulin pump therapy and it works well for me. I went through all the phases of the disorder including oral meds, injections and now pump therapy. Concerning Insulin Pump vs Injections, I can tell you in my experiences that insulin pump therapy is by far the better choice for maintaining blood glucose levels near normal ranges. Remember, in order for a diabetic to protect themselves against heart disease they should maintain their sugar levels as close to normal as possible and an insulin pump can do that. Talk to your doc or healthcare providers and ask them to try out insulin pump therapy so you can maintain tighter glucose levels and protect against heart disease, you’ll be thanking me after you try it!


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