Sleep Benefits for Diabetes: Reduces Stress

Sleep Benefits for Diabetes include mental and physical repair. This time every year sleep becomes my favorite pastime. The weather, in combination with Daylights Saving Time, makes me want to hibernate and sleep all the time. I believe we get sick more often this time of year because our busy schedules don’t allow us to “hibernate” or sleep making us more susceptible to illness.

It is essential for every function in the body to operate at optimum levels. Lack of sleep can cause sugar cravings, mood disorders, hormone disruption and decreased motivation for important things like exercise. Sleep is responsible for the repair and detoxification of your physical and mental body.

Sleep Benefits for DiabetesGo to sleep before midnight for diabetes benefits

Sometimes we get lots of sleep and still remain tired. The body is set up (from caveman days) to sleep at certain times during the night. This syncs up with sunrise and sunset and is called circadian rhythm. Our bodies do the best repair work when sleeping during the hours of 10p-5a. This is called circadian rhythm. If you go to sleep earlier in the evening you will be more rested and look and feel better.

Hormone production surges in sleep

Many hormones are produced during sleep. Melatonin regulates the bodies sleep wake cycle. Leptin and ghrelin have an influence on energy balance, telling the body to eat and signaling the body it’s full, suppressing appetite. Imbalances of these two hormones have the potential to cause weight gain. I have always said “you can pretty much sleep yourself to skinny” 🙂 HGH (human growth hormone) is secreted by the pancreas and helps the body carry out the regeneration of cells and repair the body. The entire endocrine system benefits from quality sleep this factor helps diabetics manage their disease.

Process and reduces Stress

The brain is very active during sleep. Have you ever heard the term “let’s sleep on it”? The brain processes the overwhelming amount of information we receive during the day both conscience and sub conscience. It stores the information we need and discards what we don’t need. This helps us with memory, decision making, processing emotions and reduces stress. There are many sleep benefits for diabetes that sleep can provide. It’s essential we get sufficient, quality sleep on a regular basis for a healthy balanced life. Now let’s go take a nap!

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