Minor Surgical Procedure with Diabetes

Torn tricep tendonI had to get surgery to repair a torn tricep tendon in my arm this past August but recently had a small setback. The incision developed a stitch abscess that had to be removed. While having the minor surgical procedure with diabetes I had to check my blood sugar and make sure it was in range. I was just given a local and was totally awake for the entire procedure. This meant keeping my sugar level a bit high would work better for me. As diabetics know, lows are NOT good but low in this kind of situation is definitely out of the question! I needed to be in control…

Just before they started the procedure my blood sugar level was 169 mg/dl and falling slowly. It was a good number for me. If I was at 100 mg/dl before the procedure, then I’d be concerned and drink or eat something sweet. It’s amazing what us diabetics have to think about in times like these, but that’s why we’re all special 🙂

***Surgical stress and anesthesia have unique effects on blood sugar levels which should always be taken into consideration to maintain optimum glycemic control.
Minor Surgical Procedure with Diabetes


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