Dawn Phenomenon Why Diabetics Blood Sugar Levels Are High in the Morning

If you are recently new to diabetes then you’ve probably been wondering why your blood sugar levels are high when you wake up in the morningDawn Phenomenon!

One of the main reasons for elevated glucose levels in the AM is from something called the Dawn Phenomenon. This happens when you are sleeping. Usually during sound sleep between the hours of around midnight and approximately 3:00 am your body doesn’t need much insulin. At or around 3:00 am and between 8:00 am is when your body starts to release stored glucose or sugar into the blood stream to get you ready for the upcoming day, at the same time you are releasing hormones that affects your insulin sensitivity. Then the insulin you took at bedtime is wearing off as well. With all these events happening together it causes your sugar level to rise in the morning, hence the Dawn Phenomenon.

There are many different ways to counter this condition which will help, but you should definitely discuss this with your doctor first! Checking your blood sugar first thing in the morning always helps!

Since I’m on the pump I just program it to release less insulin between midnight and 3am then program more insulin from 3 am to 8am. At 8:00 am I go back to my normal basal rate for the day. Hopefully you find this info helpful…


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