Driving and Hypoglycemia is a No No for Diabetics

Driving and hypoglycemia in diabetesHere’s a brief story about a type 1 diabetic, driving and hypoglycemia.

A friend of mine who has type 1 diabetes and uses an insulin pump had some issues when she was driving her car last summer. While taking her young son out to get ice cream on familiar roads, her sugar level dropped dangerously low to hypoglycemic levels. What she remembers from that ride is how the once familiar local roads she often drives on became very unfamiliar, and then she was lost. As she proceeded driving she came upon a car making a right turn but couldn’t stop or avoid the vehicle and struck the car in the rear. My friend was still in a hypoglycemic state, not even aware that she had hit another car and kept on going, leaving the scene of the accident. Obviously the police had to get involved and put her under arrest for leaving the scene of an accident and now had to explain what had happened to her.

This situation could have been avoided if she had eaten before getting behind the wheel of a car or taken a glucose tablet or candy but she didn’t have any in the car which is a no no. She and her young son were very lucky as they were both unscathed in the accident and also lucky not to seriously injure others.

Hopefully this story gives awareness to diabetics about the dangers of driving when your blood sugar drops into hypoglycemia and the importance of always having glucose tabs, candies and sweet drinks in your vehicle. Remember to check your sugar and if possible don’t drive at all if you are unsure of your glucose level before driving, it will save you and your loved ones’ life as well as others on the road.

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