What Is MODY and Is There A Cure?

MODY is a form of diabetes but most people find it very confusing because it shares some common characteristics from both types. Like type one that mainly affects young people, MODY is commonly found in youngsters. However, MODY reduces the production of insulin.

It acts like type 2 diabetes and is caused by the genetic makeup of the individual. In short, if your parents have diabetes or you have a family history of diabetes, you are more likely to have diabetes or MODY. MODY stands for Maturity-onset diabetes of the young which means it is genetic yet it takes time to show. Mostly it becomes evident in youngsters.

According to research, MODY is more common than most people think. 5% of all the reported cases of diabetes show that they are a cause of MODY. There is no hard and fast rule about age, which means the onset of MODY can take place at any age.

The worst part of MODY is that it doesn’t just affect insulin production, the high glucose level affects the overall body tissue. It affects the kidneys, nerves, blood vessels along with eyesight. In most cases, people end up with renal failure as well as blindness.

How To Diagnose MODY and What Are Causes?

MODY is caused by mutation of the same gene, which means it is a monogenic disorder. Usually, people with diabetic family history end up with MODY. Some of the common symptoms that will help you detect this disorder include:

  • Constantly feeling thirsty and drinking too much water
  • Frequent urination after constant water drinking
  • Extreme dehydration and feeling parched all the time
  • Effect on eyesight, especially reporting blurry vision
  • Dry skin and other skin infections
  • Yeast infection

Is MODY Curable?

One of the most asked questions related to diabetes is if it can be cured. In most cases, diabetes cannot be cured but it is still treatable. You can increase the pan of your life and quality of life however, this is a constant disease and you cannot get rid of it altogether.

Especially because it is a genetic disorder. For treatment, doctors recommend insulin and other oral medication that helps in keeping blood sugar levels under control. However, just medication will not help if you are still living the same passive lifestyle. You need to start with a healthy organic diet along with daily exercise.

Physicians recommend that exercise helps in increasing the insulin sensitivity in the body and it is really helpful in reducing the fat content which eventually impacts the easy absorption of blood sugar. Apart from diet, getting involved in physical activities is also very important. Physicians recommend that morning walks can help people with diabetes and increase their overall life quality.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to lifestyle. Although there is no way you can completely get rid of diabetes you can still minimize the effect. A good lifestyle and relying on a healthy organic diet are very important.

According to the majority of physicians, the Mediterranean diet, south beach diet, and the keto diet are very helpful. However these diets are good for a very short time, you need to find an easy organic balanced diet that can help you with MODY and keep you healthy.